Melbourne's real bucket list activities.
Reptile shows, Snake Handlers, etc.

Big Olive Pythons

Check out these scaley events and the like. Remember, if you live in Melbourne or nearby parts of Victoria, we have the best bucket-list activities here for you and the cold-blooded ones are not an exception.
While a lot of kids reptile parties are very tame and laid back experiences, the adrenaline rush for adults is only a mouse click away.
Sure you can go bush looking for something of excitement, but you may be looking for quite some time. Another way to tolve the problem is by doing a deadly snake, venomous snake handler course.
Haven't picked up a deadly Eastern Brown Snake with your bare hands and lived to tell the tale?
Well here is your chance to get a go.
Forget Darwin or Cairns, it really is possible to have a live crocodile experience in Melbourne and elsewhere in Victoria.
Yes, you can even have dinner with a crocodile on your head.

Snake catching courses.

The ultimate reptile party!

Snake Removal with the snake catcher!

Reptile shows!

Snake Catcher Park Orchards!

Raymond Hoser The Snake Man!

More Melbourne Real Bucket List Experiences!

Death Adder

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Brown snakes