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Not everyone who sees a deadly snake has an urge to pick it up and handle them.
This is probably a good thing, as if you get bitten, you may die.
It really is that simple!
But if you have never done this kind of thing before, it really will get your adrenaline pumping.
It is possible to do a one day snake handler course in Melbourne, Victoria or anywhere else in Australia with the world's foremost snake experts.
Snake catcher training courses are regularly held in Melbourne and elsewhere to teach people who want to become snake handlers, snake catchers, reptile relocations people, wildlife rescuers and others.
Demand for these courses is not great, but steady all the same.
You would be surprised for example how many workplaces get snakes inside their facilities and need to have someone on site trained to be able to remove and relocate the snakes.
This is where snake handling courses come in to fill the training void.
All it takes is one day with an expert and you'll be handling deadly snakes better than half the clowns on TV.
You won't be killed on the day and bite risk is amazingly low, although never wholly absent.
The most highly rated snake catcher courses with the best reputation are those you can find at the snake handler training website at
Oh and by the way, remember to carry a good first aid kit with you if you are handling snakes as you never know what may happen!

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