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Raymond Hoser

When Raymond Hoser was born in 1962, he was quickly identified as being "not normal".
He was obsessed with animals.
Snakes were his specialty, but in fact Raymond Hoser likes all things animal!
OK, he is now an old fart hovering around 60 years of age and while happily married with kids, still takes his Great Dane to bed with him at night.
He's done this all his life and is now onto Great Dane number 3!
When not tending to his Great Dane, his great wife and two great kids, he's likely to be found dealing with his great reptile collection, which includes many rare and threatened species.
So good are Raymond Hoser's reptiles, that he even got the registered trademark, Australia's best reptiles!
So what are in his bucket list?
Wildlife conservation, saving species, discovering new species before they get wiped out, and generally making the world a better place!
OK, he has not put adrenaline pumping stuff at his forefront of bucket list things to do, but in his later years he discovered a whole new religion!
That is snow skiing and snowboarding.
While only taking up snow skiing and snowboarding in his mid 50's he is able to give young guns a run for their money.
Whether it is skiing naked on Whistler Mountain, Canada, or doing the same down the black runs on Mount Hotham, just oustide of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia, Raymond Hoser has a reputation for being the fastest on the mountain!
Raymond Hoser drives slow on the roads to avoid being booked by police, but on the Mountains, anything less than 80 kmh is walking pace!
If you want to learn more about Raymond Hoser, visit his website at http://www.raymondhoser.com and if you see him naked flying past in the snow, make sure you say "hi".

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