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The reptile party

Reptile shows have been around for decades.
Even venomous snake shows and displays are well known.
After all, who has not been to a bush show or event, or when the bush show comes to town and not seen an old man in a pit for of deadly venomous snakes?
Who has not had an opportunity to pat a harmles python snake before their 21st birthday party?
Well the reptile show in Australia has come a long way in recent years.
Snakeman Ray Hoser pioneered the hands on reptile party for kids birthday parties, adult reptile party events and a whole lot more.
This is where lecturing takes a back seat and the main game is getting animals out and letting people hald them.
Attacked by others in the wildlife space, it was near unanimous opposition to the educational reptile party.
The government-owned business "Zoos Victoria" was one of the leading advocates for the permenant closure of the reptile business owned by Raymond Hoser.
They attended court on countless occasions and argued with force, that there is no educational value at all in hands on reptile parties that let people hold the animals.
Raymond Hoser disagreed and eventually the courts did as well.
So now the kids reptile party is a legal thing.
People in Melbourne, elsewhere in Victoria and even other parts of Australia are now beating a path to the Snakeman's door to get their own wild reptile party!
The show is hands on and safe.
Even the venomous and dangerous snakes are safe, as they have all been surgically devenomized.
The Snake Man is the only person in Australia with the expertise to have devenomized deadly snakes and these snakes really are amazing.
Raymond Hoser owns the registered trademarks for the words, reptile party and reptile party, so if you see nyone else claiming to be doing them, you know they are not the real deal.
And of course, if you get a faker, you are likely to be bitten by more than a reptile!
Show and tell, is out like the plague and hands on rules!
But why should kids have all the fun at their reptile birthday parties?
Now the adults can get in on the fun as well.
The adult reptile party is now a thing!
Whether it is a 21st, a 40th or simply a wedding anniversary, the occasion really doesn't matter.
Just getting to have fun and to learn more at the reptile show is all that matters. To learn more about reptile displays for corporate events, and reptile shows in Melbourne for your next reptile party, visit the reptile party website.
And take a walk on the wild side!

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