The Snake Catcher

The snake catcher!

Being the snake catcher is a mongrel job, but someone's got to do it!
For nearly 60 years, Raymond Hoser has been known as the snake catcher!
His day job is snake catching, snake removal, snake handler work, snake control and pretty much anything else you care to think of with respect of snakes.
From humble beginnings, Raymond Hoser quickly established himself as the pre-eminent expert in all things snake.
That didn't mean much when as a 10 year old he knew more about snakes than most others in the day.
By age 20, he was already on the way to being the world's most expert snake catcher, snake keeper, snake breeder and snake scientist.
After publishing numseous books, scientific papers and the like over more than 4 decades, Hoser's crown as the world's foremost snake expert is cemented.
In fact no one in history has eclipsed him.
He has also discovered and named hundreds of species and genera of snake, being more than anyone else in history.
This is no minor feat as most of the discovery of species was done back in the 1800's, which is a century before Raymond Hoser was even born!
But on a more mundane level, Raymond Hoser has also built a solid reputation as the world's best snake catcher.
Besides being the first government licensed snake catcher doing snake removal and snake handler work, way back in 1978, Raymond Hoser has taught and educated most other snake catchers in all parts of Australia.
So when you call your local expert to capture a venomous snake in your home, it is almost guaranteed that their skill and knowledge will have been sourced directly from the Snake God himself, Raymond Hoser.
Raymond Hoser has caught and handled pretty much every kind of snake in Australia, including world's five deadliest, which he has also kept and bred for decades.
Raymond Hoser's reputation as the best snake catcher in the world even enabled him to claim the coverted registered trademark for the words Snake Catcher, meaning he alone has the right to use this word to describe himself.
Sure there are snake catchers everywhere, but only one person can advertise himself as THE SNAKE CATCHER!
In his home town of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Raymond Hoser is easily the best known snake catcher and with the fastest response time in the business, it is no surprise that he is consistently the businest snake controller in Australia.
Of course even the Melbourne snake catcher cannot be everywhere at once, so he has trained hundreds of other people across Australia to keep their local areas safe and snake bite free.
Raymond Hoser is a living legend, who can calim direct responsibility for saving the lives of hundreds of people from snakebite or permenant disabilities arising from them.
He can also claim credit for saving the lives of countless snakes that have been safely relocated instead of killed by home owners seeking to protect loved ones.
For decades, Australians in general thought that the only good snake was a dead snake.
After writing and publishing nine best selling books and harassing media to portray snakes in a realistic way, now most Australians are happy to co-exist with their native snakes.
Even governments grudgingly agree that Raymond Hoser was correct in recognizing that all snakes, including the venomous ones, are a critically important part of the Australian ecosystem.
But do you really need to call a snake catcher when a snake rocks up in your garden at home?
According to the snake catcher himself, the answer is probably no!
The advice is to simply allow the snake right of passage and keep pets and family out of the snake's way.
Only if the snake hangs around and you are worried about someone or a pet being bitten do you need to consider calling in professional help.
But please do not do snake removal unless untrained and unlicensed.
If you survive the snake, that is one thing, but you may not survive the criminal charges that may follow if you are caught handing a snake without a license.
You cannot say you have not been warned!
To learn more about snake removal, snake handlers and the Snake Catcher visit the snake catcher website.
This will keep you safe!

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